Who We Are

BrucePayne Co is a founded formation of design and communication professionals, all of whom have worked together for several years. We are a virtual organization of independent contractors that morphs into whatever form will be most effective in answering the client need at hand. Our areas of expertise include

  • brand consulting
  • graphic design
  • web development
  • SEO strategy
  • communications strategy
  • copywriting and editing
  • advertising creative, execution, and media buying
  • public relations consulting
  • photography and videography
  • event management
  • project management

Our teams change in size and form according to client and project needs. We use only those resources who will most efficiently provide the needed services. This low-overhead, “just-enough” asset allocation model enables us to provide very efficient and cost-effective teams for a wide variety of projects.

Messaging strategy

We identify the most important messages you need to deliver to every audience you touch. Then we develop a message matrix to serve as a blueprint for clear, compelling and consistent communications.

Communications planning

Effectively and efficiently reaching your key audiences with the right messages requires a plan that matches your communication goals with clever strategies and sharp tactics. This plan will tell you precisely how and when to communicate, keeping your budget and resources in mind.

Web development and design

From simple, static information sites to fully interactive Web experiences and online businesses, your website becomes a critical strategy for developing strong relationships with your audiences. We understand that, and plan and build accordingly, across virtually every design and development platform. Of course, all new websites are fully optimized for tablet and smartphone usage.

Web hosting services

We offer a fully managed cloud hosting solution, integrated with the applications you need, such as email and database hosting, content and site management, and email marketing. We maintain close control over the management of our servers and provide a customized level of personalized service not generally available from “off-the-shelf” hosting providers.

Mobile application development

We’ll help you turn your good idea into a great native or web-based smartphone or tablet application. Then, we’ll help you take your app to market and provide ongoing support for it.

Digital marketing, social media and community management

Want to build raving fans? Let us craft a strategy to take your message to the masses and increase your digital footprint by strategically combining your blog, social media presence, email marketing, and delivery of dynamic online content designed to engage your audience at a deeper level.

Photography and video

Few things can communicate as powerfully as a photograph. A picture can tell a story, set a mood, or spur the desire for a product. That’s why we offer and recommend custom photography and video to enhance your communications.

Public relations and advertising

We have kept pace as these two disciplines have changed with the digital age, to make sure we are able to tell your story to the right people, in just the right way. From writing news releases to arranging news conferences and responding to media inquiries. From creating impactful print and broadcast advertising to leveraging the latest digital platforms. We’ll make sure all of the bases are covered.

Writing and editing

If you have a story to tell — and everyone does — our experienced copywriters and editors are here to help. From crafting engaging advertising and web copy to editing your literary masterpiece, our full-service offering will help you find and use the words that matter most.